Sticking point!

We’ve all been there… Lost a few pounds, regained a few, trying to shift those extra one that snuck back on, well that’s where I am right now.

I know what I need to do to get back on track but have lost all motivation… Some please kick my butt!!!

I keep telling myself to look at where I was just over a year ago and where I am now…. Well see for yourself…


Time to Refocus

Hey guys, I’ve felt a little lost lately and been so consumed in work and life I’ve not been doing things for me. My weight is sticking, my body doesn’t feel great, confidence isn’t rocketing like it was… Time I got back in control…. A quick picture update for you guys! IMG_1880.JPGme today!

IMG_0070.JPGme in January

Falling off the wagon!

I’ve been very quiet of late as had rather a lot going on lately!! Pressures of work are getting to me, I’ve met a lovely new guy and life has generally been non-stop! As a result I’ve not been so strict on myself in terms of training and eating clean. Body, I am truly sorry!!I have been doing sessions of HIIT which I find fits in better with my life at the moment.

I promise this week I will get my ass in gear and train, I will find the time, no excuses from me and I will make good food choices! I went shoppig last weekend and bought a dress ready for my impending 30th Birthday Party…. I hope to share a picture with you all once the day arrives! There are currently 44 days to go…

In the meantime a quick update on my stats!

Weight 17st 7lbs
Bust 43″
Waist 45″
Upperwaist 38″
Hips 49″
Thigh 28″
Calf 18″
Neck 19″
Arm 16″
Overhang 5″

In the grand scheme of things I can’t feel too guilty as now I’ve lost 55lbs and 29″!!

Here’s a picture update!


So I’ve been counting down the days until bootcamp… This one is a residential one for 4 days set in the very beautiful Northumberland in the north east of England run by Northern Bootcamp.

We haven’t been told what the itinerary is yet but am sure it will be amazing! I will be posting again after the weekend with pictures! I’m nervous but excited! I had a quick jump on the scales this morning but I’ll go with my “official” weigh in and measurements tomorrow!

I’ve read some reviews where people have lost lots of lbs on the week long camps but am sure I will get out of it what I put in which will be 100%!!

This is something a 21st 5lbs me would never have ever dreamed of doing!!


2st to go!!!

Only 99 days until I hit my 30th birthday!

Here’s the thing, after been away for a weekend visiting friends and not been able to go to the gym/excersise when trying to make healthy choices, I have faltered a little but am only human! I’ve chosen healthy and clean where I can I don’t enjoy eating crap anymore! It’s a mental challenge and lifestyle change that only I control. I’m so much happier with my physical appearance and my confidence is growing all the time. My tummy is even tightening up!!

This weeks loss is -2lbs am so happy even with a “small” result!